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Free flights for remote and rural queenslanders struggling to reach medical appointments. #closethegap

About community flights

Community Flights is a not-for-profit registered charity with the mission to "close the gap to healthcare access" for regional and rural Queensland patients.

We provides free-of-charge aircraft transport for patients and carers to non-emergency medical treatment and services.

Our aircraft are not equipped for medical emergencies and the pilot volunteers are not able to provide any medical treatment before, during, or after the flights.

Born from frustration

Mark was hearing more frequent stories of his pharmacy customers struggling to find specialist treatment in the area. The long distance travel for heart, brain and cancer therapy is financially and emotionally difficult.

Mark teamed up with Melissa and Warren to form Community Flights to make it their mission that no one should have to give up on treatment because of where they live.

Each month over 440 patient are in need of transport from Hervey Bay and Bundaberg alone. Mark is now piloting his Hervey Bay based aircraft to take patients to their non-emergency medical appointments and treatment.

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In Partnership with TransitCare - Providing ground transport from Archerfield Airport