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Community Flights is a not-for-profit registered charity closing the gap to healthcare access for regional and rural Queensland patients. Community Flights provides free-of-charge aircraft transport for patients and carers to non-emergency medical treatment and services. Community Flights aircrafts are not equipped for medical emergencies and the pilots and volunteers are not able to provide any medical treatment before, during, or after the flights.

About this form:

The Patient Transport Request Form is intended to:

  • assist the assessing health practitioner to assess and advise Community Flights of the patient’s suitability and fitness to fly. (Requirement of CASA Instrument 09/19 of Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 Section 6.4  – Medical treatment is not provided on board the aircraft for the flight, other than the administering of medication or in response to an unexpected medical emergency.)
  • collect the required operational details for Community Flights and our partnering organisations, to assess and coordinate the proposed flight and/or ground transport
  • record data for reporting and service quality review