Community Flights

Every donation helps KEep us flying

Community Flights is a registered Charity with full Tax Deductible Gift Recipient approval from the ATO. Every donation over $2 is deductible.

Should you wish to contribute by bank deposit please use these details:
Account Name: Community Flights Ltd
BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 189 109 614
ABN: 32 655 267 262
ACN: 655 267 262

A bank statement can be used for proof of donation to the Australian Tax Office if it notes the transfer is to Community Flights, and the description is stated as a donation (details here) – However, if you would like an receipt, please forward a payment remittance to with your name or company details

Founding Sponsors

Founding sponsors are the very first 100 people or businesses to contribute over $500

What your sponsorship includes?

🎟 A ticket to our inaugural gala dinner
🌟 Your name engraved forever on our Founding 100 plaque
🙌 Your name and logo on our website and social media
🛫 Personal sponsorship number engraved key chain
📃Certificate of sponsorship

Donate Here

We appreciate all donations! Some people like to donate smaller amounts regularly while others make larger once-off donations. Donate over $500 to become a Founding Sponsor! Don’t forget to also vote for Community Flights on our charity page at My Giving Circle so we have a chance to win their bonus grants!

your business, our community

We are needing the wind beneath our wings with community minded people and organisations to keep us in the air. Your support will make a difference for many people’s lives!