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Every donation helps KEep us flying

Community Flights is a registered Charity with full Tax Deductible Gift Recipient approval from the ATO. Every donation over $2 is deductible and through the GiveNow platform below you will be sent a receipt.

Should you wish to contribute by bank deposit please use these details:
Account Name: Community Flights Ltd
BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 189 109 614
ABN: 32 655 267 262
ACN: 655 267 262

A bank statement can be used for proof of donation to the Australian Tax Office if it notes the transfer is to Community Flights, and the description is stated as a donation (details here) – However, if you would like an receipt, please forward a payment remittance to with your name or company details

Founding Sponsors

Founding sponsors are the very first 100 people or businesses to contribute over $500

What your sponsorship includes?

🎟 A ticket to our inaugural gala dinner
🌟 Your name engraved forever on our Founding 100 plaque
🙌 Your name and logo on our website and social media
🛫 Personal sponsorship number engraved key chain
📃Certificate of sponsorship

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Donate over $500 to become a Founding Sponsor

your business, our community

We are needing the wind beneath our wings with community minded people and organisations to keep us in the air. Your support will make a difference for many people’s lives!