Community Flights

Mega Online Raffle

$2.50 / ticket 


5 tickets for $5 with a subscription

Over $2,500 of prizes EACH MONTH!

Raffle Subscribers
0 /200


⭐ Subscribers get DOUBLE the value in tickets
⭐ Subscribing is our only ongoing way to help fund our flights

We’re building the largest monthly online raffle prize pool of local vouchers and gift cards that the Fraser Coast has ever seen!

How we’re supporting local business

This will be a Fraser Coast raffle that supports local business instead of relying on donations. If it goes well to support us and local business, we’ll expand it to other regions in need of support! 

  • We BUY your local store vouchers so there’s NO financial outlay.
  • With new winners every month, you can grow your customer base to SHOP LOCAL AGAIN.
  • Fraser Coast Gift Card prizes will support over 200 local businesses.
  • As monthly subscribers grow, we can increase the prize pool with more local entries!