Community Flights

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors! We could not do it without you.

It is only with the generous and supportive community that we can fly. We have two very special groups of sponsors, our FOUNDING sponsors are the first 100 people or organisations to donate $500, They will be forever immortalised by being engraved in the Founders Propeller. Our extra supportive sponsors are our cadet, captain, major and platinum sponsors. 

How to become a FOUNDING SPONSOR

Founding sponsors are the very first 100 people or businesses to contribute over $500 through Paypal Giving Fund

What your sponsorship includes?

🎟 A ticket to our inaugural Aviator’s Gala Dinner
🌟 Your name engraved forever on our Founding 100 propeller
🙌 Your name and logo on our website and social media
🛫 Personal sponsorship number engraved key chain
📃Certificate of sponsorship

The Founding Sponsor Propeller

Meet our 100
($500 donation)

  1. Suzanne Taylor – Fraser Coast RV Park

  2. Andy MacPhail

  3. Shane Logan – River Heads Property Sales

  4. Paul Du Toit

  5. Leeanne Jasse – Bloomers Hervey Bay

  6. Peter Dore 

  7. Cassie Patterson – Hervey Bay Tax Solutions

  8. Aleksandra Florian

  9. Luke Strochnetter – 360 Degrees Marketing

  10. Roger Duncan

  11. Jayne Thomson

  12. Eric Worrall

  13. Paul Taylor – Good Riddance Stockist Fraser Coast

  14. River Heads Rocks 

  15. Rodney Thomas – Fonzies Rock and Roll

  16. Fraser Coast Swiss Club 

  17. Odyssey Bistro

  18. Henrich Saayna – Honey Badger Technologies

  19. Jeanie Dean – Famsafe

  20. Evan Munroe – HEEA 

  21. Colin Floate

  22. Eileen Floate

  23. Childers Glass

  24. Sara Storoy – Replenish Refill

  25. Leif Storoy – AATEC Office National

  26. Sue Mittermair

  27. Naval Association of Australia (Fraser Coast Sub Section)

  28. Neil Boyle

  29. Jacquie Rose (VS Realty)

  30. Phil Waser

  31. Samantha Peterson (Tannins)

  32. Jacquie Boyle

  33. Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (QLD)

  34.  Joep Dekker (Fraser Coast Fresh Produce)

  35. Jeremy and Kelly Steiner (Hervey Bay Sheet Metal and Engineering)

  36. Susan Gehrke (Elmer’s Furniture Court and Beds R Us)

  37. Nathan and Vanessa (Advanced Flight Theory)

  38. River Heads Progress Association

  39. Craig Winter – Maryborough Sun

  40. Chuck Fisher
  41. Ian PadghamHorse and Country Bendigo
  42. Tyler Paul
  43. Emil and Silvia Furrer
  44. Sharon Manson
  45. Mr Whippy Hervey Bay
  46. Jess Wessling
  47. Tim Wessling
  48. Dale NewberryDeliona Foods
  49. Erin Gunsonbytherules Conveyancing
  50. Megan Savill – Institute of Leadership Development
  51. Jacob Foster
  52. Andrew Vieglais
  53. Dr Emilia Dauway
  54. Michelle LockwoodMichelle Lockwood Real Estate
  55. Jake Maddock – Maddock Coaching
  56. Sue DoddNurse Next Door
  57. Bruce Saunders MP
  58. Gavin CarlsonPlane Sales
  59. Robert OveryMulti-Choice Mortgage Brokers Hervey Bay
  60. Therese WalkerSolutions In Fire Compliance
  61. Melissa GuilfoyleThe Firm On The Avenue
  62. Paul Park
  63. Russell WilcoxBespoke Building Design
  64. Camille-Ivory De GuzmanChance Nursing and Disability Support
  65. David Olanik – Cruising Hoon
  66. Urs Waldmeier
  67. Chris GoldingFraser Coast Aircraft Maintenance
  68. Tracey Croft – River Heads Cafe
  69. Kenneth Stanton – House Doctor
  70. Esstelle Bartley


Many community minded organisations have met us and pledged to keep us flying for Queensland! They gain privileged access to our events and other benefits. Read more about this in our sponsorship information document.


-Grant Schiltz
-Gary Reid
-Hervey Bay RSL Sub Branch
-James & Kellie Wilson
-Tiaro Craft Cottage
-Golden Shores Sports & Social Club
-Pauline Kelly


Mr Buckarooney
Older Men Unlimited Hervey Bay


Hervey Bay Disability Assistance Inc.