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Fundraise for Community Flights by helping sell raffle tickets in our monthly Mega Raffles!

About our Online Mega Raffles

  • They have been running since August 2022.
  • The prize pool has increased to over $2,000 each month with local donations and $500 first prize
  • This is our main source of funding to provide our free flights for local patients.
  • With your help, we could raise enough funds for more flights every week!

How it works

Sign up:

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Sell Tickets:

  • Share your direct raffle link to friends, family and co-workers to have the sales from that link track on your profile

Getting pilots in the air – fundraising volunteer pilots:

Inducted volunteer pilots will gain $500 worth of flight credit from every $1000 worth of tickets sold.

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River Heads Pharmacy

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Hervey Bay Sheet Metal

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Shaunee Girven