Community Flights

Head to the “request a flight” page to download the form. If you are having trouble, please ask your health practitioner to assist you with filling it in.

Flights are available for patients struggling with long distance travel to medical treatment. The three main criteria include:

  • Financial hardship
  • Immunocompromised (preventing public transport)
  • Recurring long-distant travel needs more than 5 times in the year

Community flights are provided for free for patients that meet the flight criteria.

If your doctor recommends a support person, we can arrange this with you.

We have a partnership with a TrtansitCare in Brisbane and other  volunteers at other airport destinations to help get you to your appointment when you arrive. If you do not have a transport method such as friends or family at the destianation, we will help coordinate this for you.

We understand that bookings can change, so this is not a problem for our team to cancel or re-schedule a flight. There is no costs for cancelling or re-scheduling a flight.

For the safety of everyone, we do have limits that prevent flying in certain unsafe weather conditions. Your pilot will review the forecast weather a few days before the flight to confirm this. We do recommend all patients have a backup transport method if possible.

We recommend you discuss your suitability to fly with us or your doctor if you are prone to airsickness. preventative measures may help such as ginger or other medicines if recommended by your pharmacist or doctor. Air sickness bags are usually available onboard.

Your pilot will plan a cruising height depending on many factors such as airspace, weather and winds. Most General Aviation aircraft are not pressurised or equipped with oxygen, so most of the time the flight is no higher than 10,000 feet (3 km high)

Each airport has different parking and pickup locations. We will notify you about where to park to meet us for your pick-up.

We try to arrange to pick you up from your closest airport that you live to the closest airport to your treatment facility. We will talk with you about airstrips near you, and where we will be flying you to. 

Some flights to Brisbane facilities on the north side are closer for the pilot and ground transport to arrive at Redcliffe airport.